My husband and I were watching TV when your commercial came on. We could not believe what we saw.

This commercial was very offensive to us. What kind of example are you trying to make to our young children? You know what this phrase sounds like. It is very irresponsible.

I would not want to hear my children or other children saying this phrase thinking it is funny. We will no longer shop at your store. I also purchase supplies for the company where I work.

I will not purchase any supplies for them either. Sorry that you did not have enough character to produce a more respectful commercial.


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Gallipolis, Ohio, United States #831608

You should probably avoid Kmart as well, if you go in there you might end up having to Ship Your Pants!


Grow the L up.


oh shut up. I could see if a company had a commercial that was against a race or type of person but it's just a simple advertising stunt. I highly doubt your children are trying to find out what Staples commercials are all about.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #783189

This commercial has served a very good purpose as all of these morons who are offended will not longer be in the stores. It is people like you that people in retail have no interest in dealing with.

You really think that the $2 that you spend on some crappy clearance merchandise is going to make a difference to a company like that? Good riddance to all of you!!!!

Athens, Tennessee, United States #783116

I'm not sure if this post is serious or not. :zzz


I work for Staples. I think the advertising campaign is ***.

That being said, it is not offensive to any normal human being. And if one more person wants to complain to me, an associate at the store level, about a commercial put together by a 3rd party advertising agency and approved by marketing, I might have to show that person what offensive really is... Pull your heads out of your butts (oops did that offend you?), wake up and look at all the other *** that is going on in the world, and then tell me that this is really worth complaining about. By the way, if you let your kids mingle with society, they are going to hear and see far worse things at fairly young ages.

It's reality; deal with it. The advertising campaign is ***, but the folks who complain about it are pathetic and ignorant.

San Diego, California, United States #775560

I agree with Pam189bde9, the commercial was offensive and just plain *** in the delivery. I too have other places to shop and I will! I can't imagine a group of people sitting around a table at Staples giving a thumbs up to this 3rd grade humor


I totally agree! Very disappointed that this is the best advertising slogan your company can find to put on television. Office Depot, here I come.


and this is why america is the way it is. people like you that have nothing else to do but complain about "what the L".

have a sense of humor. I guarantee your children are listening to much worse at school and probably at home when you don't realize it.


What the L is just wrong. When children start saying it, we can thank Staples.

I'm sure you can think of another commercial that won't play on words so easily. Our world is crazy enough.

Help the children, don't give them another means to speak in a vulgar manner. Come on Staples...shame on you!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #773931

You both really need to get a life and take things a little less serious. Either that or climb under a rock and let the world go on without you.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #773636

I agree about the What The"L" commercial being offensive. The play on words for a company that sells office supplies...please give me a break.

Should we start having to rate the commercials as we do the vulgar movies out today. I thought the commercial of Hardees using sensuality to sell hamburgers was horrible. Advertising isn't the clean cut way of selling products like it used to be. Soon you will have to put parental guardian for commercials as well.

Our society is immoral and needs to wake up to morality in America. Staples I am ashamed of you.

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