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When I got to Staples, Store #1214 at 524 West New Circle Road Lexington, KY 40511 on Monday, September 29th at approximately 6:02 pm EST. There was one lady working behind the counter in your business printing area of your store, with what appeared to be two customers ahead of me.

A lady... and a gentleman. The lady appeared to be the first in line and after several minutes finished up leaving with very little if anything so I'm not sure what was being done for her. The man appeared to be trying to email a document from his iPhone without much success so the lady working was attempting to text the image I guess to herself for further review or manipulation. Again I watched him come and go without leaving with much so not sure what if any business that yielded for staples either. While working with him the lady working asked why I was there and I explained someone from Staples had called wanting to follow-up on the quote we had received yesterday and after letting him know that we had decided to go with Office Depot at 1555 East New Circle Road Lexington, KY 40509 asked if we would give them a shot at our business by bringing in a copy of our project and allowing them to give us a sample of their quality and service. As I had promised him from the phone call, I arrived at the staples location right after leaving and receiving a portion of a 5000 pc order / 500 pcs from Office Depot, which I had as promised brought a copy hot off of one of their excellent Xerox printers which they had just printed for us on a glossy/card stock. As I promised I brought in the SD card with the .pdf as well as the high res png file that our in-house art team had put together which were the exact same files that minutes earlier Office Depot had used for our order. I also brought in a copy of the paid receipt for the 500 pc order which totaled $357.80 for verification and comparison purposes from Office Depot. In the 20 minutes I was at Office Depot in their printing area I watched 3 employees efficiently take care of more than 7 customers while processing my order and even used their paper cutting machine to cut our order down at no additional cost, which was greatly appreciated. We could have done this in-house but the courtesy and time savings that yielded was a great added benefit and appreciated.

My problem with Staples is after waiting over 20 minutes in your store and having a second employee appear that never acknowledged me and a third set of individuals come in after me that were serviced before me while after 20 minutes I was still foolishly waiting at your counter to be served when Office Depot completed my order within 20 minutes along with no less than 7 other customers getting everything from flyers, banners and various other large format printouts from various plotters and printers. If I need office supplies and Staples has it on sale at a good price I will still shop the store, however as a business with professional business printing needs I will continue to go to Office Depot every time. In quality of work and great customer service.

Office Depot - 2, Staples - 0.

This same exact project was quoted by Staples prior to giving the order to Office Depot for just a hair under $500 for the same 500 pcs which was the reason they lost the business the first time. The above reason is why you lost it the second.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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