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When I bought the headset with $ 19.99, I also bought a two-year protection plan. The promise was that if the item broke down within that period, it will be replaced. When the item did break down after five months, I took it to the store for replacement. The salesperson in the customer Service told me that store does not replace any item. For replacement I should have to go online or call a number.

I then tried to go online, but the website was extremely (perhaps intentional)user unfriendly. There was no button for replacement. I was thus unable to ask for a replacement. Then I tried to call the telephone number. After many questions, transferring my to another representative and the usual run-around, I was told that since item is still under manufacturer's warranty, Staples would not replace it. For replacement, I shall have to call the manufacturer. I reminded the rep. that my protection plan was with Staples and the manufacturer in China. No use, the rep did not honor the protection plan.

This whole charade was a fraud and dishonesty. I seriously hope that the public is made more aware of the fraudulent business practices adopted by Staples. Can any attorney help? Lastly, does it have anything to with the fact that Staples was created partly by Mitt Romney?

Monetary Loss: $19.

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F staples warranty.

Purchased a 2 year tablet warranty. Tablet arpund $400 and warranty around $80. 1 year 2 months into it tablet breaks. 6 months of arguing with staples who are telling me they have no record of purchase. Meanwhile i have tbe original receipt and CC statement. After starting a small claims suit, they suddenly honored the warranty. Not fixing or replacing the tablet, they sent it back to me in the same broken condition with a note "fixed". Had to argue with them to take it back, waiting a week already and heard nothing yet.

Never will i buy warranty from staples again.


As someone who worked for Staples for a few years this is a common scenario that falls under poor selling by the associate who sold the plan. The plan you purchased is actually the easiest, and in my opinion best extended warranty I have ever used. The issue however is that the associate did not tell you that for the first year the plan the item you purchased is still likely under the manufacturer's warranty. So, our extended warranty company simply asks that you attempt to get it fixed/replaced first with the manufacturer. IF they do not choose to do so, you can then huff and puff and likely get your item repaired in the first year ownership.

However, the plan really shines during the after 1 year mark. After this point your plan becomes "green", basically your plan is then easily able to be turned in and usually you wait less then a week for your cash card replacement (a gift card to Staples for the amount you spent on an item). Now you can even get the cash card emailed to you which takes even less time. Best part, this can all be done online. You can simply register your plan, and watch it go from purple (too early), to green (ready to use), to red (expired).

Some of the higher priced items are harder trickier, and may involve replacing the product. But for a $20 headset this is how it works.



The difference in the plans is the higher valued one they will attempt to fix it...meaning it could take a very long time to fix with troubleshooting paying it off with a cash card / refurbished unit is a last resort.

The lesser plans 99% of the time when you call after the manufacturer warranty is over they will just send you a cash card and say the plan is fulfilled.


I too just got ripped off by a high pressure sale of a mis-represented Staples Protection Plan for a printer I bought this evening. But I will going to get my money back--their cancellation policy states 100% refund within 30 days.

The salesman told me they were selling me a 2 year plan that included accidental damages even if I took my printer home this evening and broke it. They indeed offer such a plan, but that is only on items $300 and over. My printer listed for $299 and was on sale for $229. The salesman highlighted something on the pamphlet for the cashier so she could determine which plan to charge me for.

He did not show me that. When I read it at home, it clearly states I bought the lesser plan with no accidental damage coverage.

I never buy service plans. I bought this for the accidental damage coverage.


As per the terms and conditions of the service plan it is inclusive of the manufactures warranty. the service plan begins after the shortest portion of the manufactures warranty.

As per what the store reps advised you that is an issue that you would have to take up with the store. However the "third Party Administrators" of the service plan are following the terms and conditions that Staples inc created.


Certain stores *will* replace an item as inexpensive as that at their store, if just to keep the customer a returning happy one. Did you NICELY ask to speak to the manager? Getting riled up is also NOT the way to receive help.

9 out of 10 times they WILL remind you to just call the phone number in the protection plan pamphlet that they gave you, which you have to do anyway... Because you need to go through the manufacturer first, and if they can't help you/if it's not covered, only then Staples will cover it for that first year. After the manufacturer's warranty is over, Staples takes over and you can either call that number again or go to any store for a replacement. They WILL replace it if the manufacturer will not.

It's not a scam. You just didn't ask the right questions, or had someone sell you the plan that did not give you 100% of the information for how to use it. Either way, it IS covered. You just needed to ask how to get it replaced.


Staples has nothing to do with the replacement its done through a 3rd party and I guarentee nowhere in your warranty does it say go to the store for a replacement


It is dishonest if you do not explain everything when someone purchases a replacement plan. Besides, I purchased the protection plan from Staples, and not from the manufacturer.

The protection plan says that it will be replaced if anything happens within two years. Thus the onus of replacement is with Staples. If anyone needs to contact the manufacturer it is Staples. Staples should not give the customer the run around.

You all must be the paid agents to protect Staples,and not the customer. Oh yes, Mitt Romney!

In one of the interviews, he said he was such a clever businessman that he had created Staples successfully. Albeit, by defrauding the customers.


it's not a scam, you just didn't bother to find out about the replacement plan.


The terms of any service are covered by the little black print on the slip you get, not by what anyone says. And the term "if anything happens with this within the next 2 years, your covered" is completely accurate. The first year you are covered by the manufacturer. The 2nd, the company takes care of you with a replacement gift card for the value of the purchase. It's not bait and switch, it's not dishonest.

P.S. Mitt Romney has not been part of the company in years. What does he have to do with this?

Why bring political opinion into this?


According to the terms of the warranty you would first need to contact the manufacturer if the product still fell into the manufacturers warranty. If the manufacturer is unable to solve the issue then the staples warranty kicks in.

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