I have some fun for any current disgruntled Staples employee.There is a serious and largely unknown glitch in the Gift card/money card process that will allow any employee to create a gift card for themselves for any amount without paying for it at all.

This gift card will not show up on any report in the system anywhere. Here goes: signon to a register and ring a gift card for any amount, let's say $500. swipe the card to load it and leave that transaction alone. Go to another register and ring a Snickers bar, subtotal and pay for the Snickers with the gift card you just loaded at the other register.

Go to the previous register and press the VOID key to void the transaction. The purchase of the Snickers will LOCK the $500 amount to the gift card. When you void the first transaction, you erase the record of that transaction, but the card is still loaded with $500 because you locked it in at the other register. You will have a $500 gift card for free.

The transaction will NOT show up on the post void report, the gift card report, or the cash over/short report or any other report. You will have a gift card for any amount you want for free and there will be no record of it. Have fun stealing from those *** at Staples. By the way, this may also work at Office Depot, that is where I learned of the glitch several years ago, tried it at Staples just recently and it works there as well.

Probably because they use the same vendor to fund and service their gift cards.Pretty cool huh?

Monetary Loss: $500.


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Milford, Connecticut, United States #734690

yeah unfortunately we can't void...so..

this doesn't work and it DOES show up on the report.

funny to seee that something like this is online to show everyone HOW TO STEAL...that is why employees like this SHOULDNT BE TRUSTED OR HIRED!!!


Staples keeps records of ALL motions on the registers!! this is a *** move! Why risk losing your job??

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #600930

I got fired for reusing coupons for 5 off 25. :(


if it wasn't for that pesky 'immediate voids' report and the electronic journal that even keeps track of item corrects! :-/


^^ A regular cashier cannot void a transaction, but you can item correct the gift card and then total it to get rid of that screen.

to cashier Seattle, Washington, United States #713390

I work for Staples too, and though I think it's an extremely top heavy corporation, they gave me a job which I can dump any time I wish.I return the loyalty they show me...

"Zero" But I also would never steal from anyone who would give me a job and pay check. I would move on, with my pride, and self respect intact.

"Item correct" a gift card, and it won't "authorize" for any amount. That occurs only when the order is completed, and paid for... So encouraging other deviants to become theives, although funny given the fact it won't work, is pretty pathetic.

Enjoy jail, because you're not very bright and bound to end up there, sooner or later.

I just hope some other *** doesn't follow your machinations and screw up their life too.


You are encouraging people to commit a crime. Don't be a lazy

criminal and earn your own living, loser.


You *** union-worshiping idiots wonder why the econony is

tanking. If you don't like what's going on at your place of work,

get another damned job, ya filthy whiners.


to the original poster, if you feel like getting caught then do whatever makes you happy.



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