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I would like to mention about the terrible service I recieved from the manager at staples store 1239 in Gettysburg Pennsylvnia. The manager there was Angela Schmeck. I went in there a few days ago to look for a specific laser cartridge for the printers at our business. I had trouble locating it in the store, and asked Angela where this could be located, at this point, without even a word, she sighed and turned on the spot and stormed off telling me to follow, she more or less threw the cartridge at me and left without another word.

This is no way to be treated, no less by a manager. This is not the first run in I have had with Ms. Schmeck, never once have I had good service with her. It feels that every question I have is such an inconvenience and takes away from her standing up front with another female co-worker.

I will no longer be giving my service to staples, and will pass along to the chamber of commerce and my clients about the service I recieved and will take my business elsewhere.

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Please call the Chamber of Commerce - it will give them something to laugh about. If you got terrible service from them before, why did you keep going back? Even a bug won't fly into a bug zapper more than once.


I don't know if the OP or the mods removed this post but the OP admitted to trying to pick this manager up. Kept asking her for a date and when he found out she had a boyfriend or husband he overreacted and posted this review to make her look bad. At one point after this incident he made a comment that he wanted to f**k her and she threatened to call the police on her.


I have worked for Angela in the past (its been a few years now) and I would have to disagree with the above comments.She was an outstanding manager in her attention to detail and abilities to handle high stress situations.

Her sense of humor is very dry though, so people mistakenly take her sarcasm offensively.

Outside of the humor she is always fair and honest with her employees.(I actually came across this comment when I getting information to request her as a job reference.)




what you need to tell her off :)


Get over yourself.Being a manager is stressful.

Dont like her?Find someone else.

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