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We ordered a computer online at Staples for my husbands mom and they gave us a hard time because we ordered on our credit card and shipped it to her house. So after jumping through hoops providing a copy of our drivers license and credit card and making numerous phone calls to them to straighten out the problem, they sold the computer to someone else.

Needless to say we are pretty pissed and are never shopping at staples again. We didn't really shop there much to begin with so no big loss.

They are way over-priced usually anyways, but they won't be getting our business again. Thanks for the terrible customer service Staples!

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Many banks and credit card companies will flag a order is the shipping ddress is different than the billing ddress, Staples is trying to protect customers from fraudulent orders by taking precautions.


It is so cute to imagine the Easy Tech in FL with rose-colored glasses. Staples upper management is worse that who anyone has to deal with at the store level.

Why do you think the employees who are willing to work for Staples act like they do?

Give it a couple of months ET and *** those glasses. Staples is a terrible company to deal with in any capacity.


doesnt make sense. who cares where you send something you pay for.

who did you have to call to straighten things out? sounds like a lot is missing from this story.


I would encourage you to contact the President's Office regarding this issue. The way that store handled your issue is unacceptable and it should be brought to Staples' attention.

The President's office will follow up with a letter to the store and investigate as necessary as well as provide you with a apology over the phone.

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