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I went to staples an wanted to print out a document from my usb flash drive.there were to employees there helping two separate customers.So I was ok with waiting.

It after waiting for over 10 mins just at the counter, one of the employees was finished with a customer and didnt even ask me if I needed any assistants? I couldnt believe it!! She just walked back to her seat and didnt even bother to ask me anything. I was soo pissed off that I just walked out of the store!!

Never going to that Staples store in Newmarket, on ever again!!!I hope staples have better training than this for customer service!.

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did you bother asking for help ?oh no wait you didn't you just stormed out like a spoiled brat.

how do you know she/he wasn't still working on helping the other person? just because they move away doesn't mean they're not possibly looking something up for them on another terminal.

so sorry you think the world revolves around you but it does NOT.

a simple "excuse me" would have sufficed and THEN if they ignored you without saying "sorry sir i'll be just a minute i'm finishing helping the other person" or something along those lines then i'd have left or the very least asked for a manager.

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