Over spring break last year I took my laptop computer with me on vacation.In retrospect this was probably a poor decision.

From Airport Security man handling it, to it being a losing contestant in bumper cars in the overhead compartment, to my normal abuse of it. Somewhere along that route my display screen got cracked. Not exactly a good thing and even worse for a college student with an unhealthy addiction of facebook and video games. When I arrived home from vacation I went in search of a company that would be able to repair it both within my poor, broke, college student budget and provide some sort of warranty.

In my searching a company that kept popping up was Staples' Tech Depot. I took it into their local location and chatted up the technicians there. The conversation covered their prices, warranties, and of course the upsell. The price appeared to be much higher than when I had spoken to them on the phone and they kept pestering me to purchase a NEW machine.

Being a broke college student I couldn't afford to "˜just purchase a new one.' So I took my broken computer home with me. After a few days of the broken machine just sitting there, and a few days of me borrowing a friends laptop I started my quest again for a fix to my issue. I came across a company called secureremotesupport.com. They offered to have a tech come out and fix it, or to send it in with a 24 hour turnaround time.

I chose to have it repaired in shop ( price break if I sent it in.) It was back to me within 4 days with a new screen, and it was all cleaned up. There also used to be an annoying fan noise that had quit whirring also.

Im very pleased that Secure Remote Support received my business and am glad that Tech Depot pushed me towards another company to repair my ailing laptop.I won't be considering Tech Depot again and am very unhappy with the experience.

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This review and any others mentioning Secure Remote Support are fraudulent.

DO NOT EVER SIGN UP FOR Secure Remote Support


hahaha wow what a ***.

Staples Tech Depot? Tech Depot is from OFFICE DEPOT.

Staples does EasyTech.

Not to mention, you dont clearly state what your complaint is.

Then again, due to the advertising nature of this post, I wouldn't be surprised if you're Joe@secureremotesupport.com.

Site looks kinda sketchy, pretty much a blatant rip off of support.com.


This is so obvious that it was written by the company that is being "hyped" it is just ridiculous. Here is an idea when you write a bogus review you shouldnt be selling your own company while doing it...

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