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I tried to return an unopened computer cable today to my local Staples. It was 30 days after purchase and it was not even opened.

The store manager claimed a 14 day return policy on technology. Really? An un-opened cable is technology? I asked for store credit as I needed to purchase additional items, they refused.

I just left Office Depot and spent about $400. Nice return policy Staples, you SUCK and I will never buy anything from you ever again. I do not recommend that anyone ever purchase from Staples ever. Buyer beware of those tricky return policies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Staples Manager.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I'm a GM at a Staples store and I would have been more than happy to give you a store credit. Sounds like you just got a bad manager. Sorry about that.



shut up Dale, you little a$$hole. not only do you return gifts, you're too dumb to understand return policies.

but then again, a little *** like you probably doesn't understand much.

and you hate the electronics at Staples? when then I guess you hate computers, tablets, printers, GPS's, shredders, routers, etc.


I will never shop at staples. They have the worst return policy.

I recieved a kindle fire and an LCD monitor for my birthady. I was given the gift receipts. I never opened any of the box. I reutrned the items to staple so I can exchange them for the items that I wanted.

I was told that it has passed 14 days. It was just 20 days since I received the items for my birthady.

I never like any of the electronics at Staple. Go COSTCO.


to the person from Washington, the return policy is easy for people that think. it might not be easy for simple minded people like you.

their return policy is similar to other stores. you can return electronics/furniture within 14 days with a receipt or they can look up your transaction, IF it wasn't paid in cash. and if it isn't an electronic or furniture, then you can sometimes return something but you get the lowest price within the last 30 days which is a good way for stores to protect themselves.

because if they didn't do that then people would buy something on sale for $10, throw out the receipt and then return it weeks later when the item is at a higher price like $25 or something. then they could make profit.


You didn't read the return policy Md Staples...its not 30 days without a receipt its you get the lowest selling price at Staples within the last 30 days without a receipt, so you buy it for $50, try to return it without a receipt and it was on sale in some small town somewhere else for $10 you get a $10 store credit and like all retailers they may choose to not allow the return.


30 days return without a receipt, they won't honor it either. They wouldn't know if it is 30 days or not without a receipt so their return policy is useless n flaw.

Even with a receipt, after 14 days no return . So, pretty much it is not a "easy return" policy. They should rename it to "14 days return with receipt only".

I will never shop at staples again. Poor service poor policy!!!!


StaplesThis, if you ask me then the 14 day return policy is fair. any store has a right to make their own return policy.

BUT I do agree with you on the extended warranties/replacement plans. while they're not a scam, they are usually a rip off unless the buyer is at least somewhat wealthy. I understand that stores sell these to increase their profits because they lose money when computers and printers go on sale. it's also true that the managers almost harass their employees by making them feel like they'll lose their job if they don't sell the plans on electronics.

so don't blame the employees but blame management because they basically force their employees to sell everything they possibly can, even if it's not needed.

Staples doesn't care about the customer as much they care about their profit margin. but it drives me nuts when people think a store is responsible for a manufacturer's warranty.


I worked for Staples, yes their return policy IS 14 days, all Staples cares about is your money.

Just about everybody else (even Walmart) allows you 30 days to return an item and receipt or no, opened or sealed they'll refund you because they want the good rep that will bring in customers.

Staples just wants to fleece you out of your money, anyone whose tried to buy a piece of furniture or a computer or a printer from them can attest to the aggressiveness of Staples employees pushing the warranty.

Now the two year warranty Staples wants to sell you is overridden by the one year manufacturers warranty included with the device. So six months after your purchase your...say computer breaks, the MANAGER will tell you "I'm sorry but this is still covered by the manufacturer, you have to deal with them."

If your purchase needs servicing in the second year, you'll typically be told that "the Staples warranty doesn't cover the damage, but if you purchase an advanced plan we can service it." In truth the warranty sold to you on initial purchase covers very little (stuff you can fix yourself essentially.) Oh and best of all the Staples warranties are like condoms, once you use it once, you have to buy another.

Staples does not care about good rep, they care about pure profit and they see small business owners without much of an alternative option as their prime demographic, as the training video tells us "A one item customer is not a Staples customer."

to StapleThis Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #1248971

Walmart allows 15 days for returns of electronics.


The return policy is 14 days. It's that simple.

People can talk about their situations all day long but its really simple. If still confused, re-read first line.


lol Slia, you're a f**king ***. you really are, *** b**ch.

Staples would go out of business if they let losers like you return everything. sorry little baby, the return policy is 14 days then it becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer. that's a common practice for most stores, not to mention common sense, at least at normal stores. it doesn't matter what the price of the electronic was.

if you ran your own store, would you want people constantly returning things? and you probably couldn't find the return policy because you were too busy thinking about the next store that you could cause trouble at. next time, go to the customer service desk or look at your receipt next time to find the return policy. because you don't get to make up your own policy just because you walked into a store with a stubborn attitude.

if you stop shopping somewhere over a $15 mouse, then obviously you're on crack. now I'm waiting for your story on your "local electronics store" that wouldn't return your mouse because you didn't have a receipt and you bought it over a year ago.

to IHate***Customers #1421577

When read this I think who would write this kind of reply . This above best not be manager or Vip cause calling customer on crack this and that is not professional.

All cords should be returned with or without receipt long have packaging. Your policy on web says office supplies and running business and got go buy cable cord which could been bought Walmart or Radio Shack Or large electronic store that should put you out business if talk like that. What public telling you is should say no electronics cords ect.... Just say only give store credit.

As been retail manager you way out line I hope corporate fires you worst thing I ever read. A customer a consumer don't go this store for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


I SO agree with your assessment of Staples' return policy. I had the same experience yesterday, except I was trying to exchange a 3-week old defective mouse.

I was absolutely incredulous that they wanted my to contact the manufacturer. For a $15 mouse? Seriously? After talking to the manager and looking around for a posting if their return policy on the wall (like Best Buy and other places have) which was nowhere to be seen, I left, telling the twenty-something clerk and manager (who probably don't give a Sh#t) that I would never buy anything from them again.

I then went down the street and bought from my local electronics store.

I paid a little more, but I know I can take it back if it craps out. Staples is going to nickle and dime itself out of business and it won't be anyone else's fault but the short-sighted dumbsh#its who make these policies in the first place.


Joe Shmoe sounds like the type of guy to take it up the a$$


What I find appalling is condescending tone of the posts obviously from Staples management/employees. I can't help but find that ironic, given that most are "right out of school/in school" kids with no real world experience to speak of, or individuals with no hope of employment with a quality company.

In this day and age, we have come to expect a certain level of customer service. Part of that is a reasonable return policy. Even managers at WalMart understand that it is better to retain a customer and allow a return on an unopened cable, than to get in a pointless contest of urination and loose customers.

Enjoy that power trip while you can, kids. It won't be long until your store becomes a Big Lots (Big Lots has a better return policy, btw).


more like YOU SUCK. learn how to read.

if you don't plan on using the cable then don't buy it, ***.

there's a return policy for a reason. no need to be an ignorant little ***.


Do you not know how to read?? The policy is posted all over the place.

Yeah, dude, it sucks for you.

BUT you obviously bought something you didn't even need in the first place because you didn't open it to use it anyway.

It's also not the associates' or the managers' fault that you were too lazy to bring it back before your 14 days was up.


IT CLEARY STATES ON THE WALL IN STAPLES ABOUT THE 14 return policy duh and on the receipt. stop trying to blame staples cause ur ***.


Anytime I plan a significant purchase, like a computer, I look up the dealer's Return Policy, beforehand. Therefore, there's no surprises.

I just looked up Staples, & I now know it's 14 days. That's how I came upon this site.


As a consumer, I am appalled by the sense of entitlement other consumers have. If I buy something in error, it is my fault and no one but me should bear that cost.

If I had a retail store my returns policy would be similar to discourage those who would only cost me money, and take unfair advantage of their role as 'customer', and make those customers somebody else's problem.

There are plenty of good customers out there who are responsible adults, and I would rather deal with them. The retailer did not manufacture the product and therefore it would be incoherent to expect them to cover defects in manufacturing.

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