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Asked to price match with Amazon. I provided the links to the product on and Live-chat rep agreed and asked me to go ahead and order and provide her the order number. I confirmed several times if the price match would be approved (the price difference was substantial). I proceeded to order and give her the order number. When I received the confirmation email it was a higher price still (even after the "price match"). Confronted the rep and was told that she used a different price from!?

My issue:

1. She confirmed to match the lower price.

2. She never mentioned another link or a higher price

3. Never sought my consent before going ahead and matching for a higher price. My money = My consent.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #1056419

Even a year and a half later I can see that the link you sent is not shipped and sold by so the associate looked up one that was shipped and sold by price match policy applies only to items SHIPPED AND SOLD by Amazon.

Not by a reseller, not an Amazon Warehouse deal, not one that's fulfilled by Amazon. Also you did not specify that she match the price down to the link you sent, you only asked that she match the price of that item to what Amazon has it for. Obviously the exact one you were looking at for the exact price you found was not an item that was SHIPPED AND SOLD by Amazon.

You sir, acted like a child.Do your research before you complain about things you know nothing about.

Riverside, California, United States #906108

Their price match policy is a scam; they did match a price for me, in which I kept all copies of receipts proving the lower price for the item I found elsewhere, along with Staple's receipt, proving they matched the price.When I went to their store to purchase the exact item and asked for a price match, they refused.

So two times they matched it; the third time they refused.

I called corporate and they defended their unreasonable, unfair tactic of what they did to me.I'm going elsewhere to buy my products.

Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States #830421

Why would you tag it as bait and switch??This is not the definition of bait and switch.

I have price matched with Staples several times and their policy clearly states it must be for the exact same item.The link you gave was refurbished so of course it would be a lesser price.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #796896

Manufacturer Refurbished.Fast shipping.

The link from Amazon is for a refurbished unit.

Staples doesn't sell refurbished units.Why would Staples price match a brand new item to match a refurbished model?

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