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Here are the images of my order for the Staples Fraud

Repeat of last post

Yet another victim of the bait and switch. Spent an hour to build my stamp and order it, they charged my CC and received the shipped from warehouse email 2 days later". Today, a week later they voided it:. Here is the email I sent a couple of days ago|.

"Your online ordering platform clearly stated that shipping fees would be waived if I used an uploaded image from my computer/. I complied with that requirement, and I fully expect you to follow through on your commitment to send me the stamp at the agreed-to price and already charged to my credit card,. Note that your response to this matter will affect my inclination to purchase from your company in both a personal and professional capacity/. There are many choices in the office supply industry, and loss leader business attractors are very, very common;. I would not want to lump you in the category of companies that use bait and switch tactics to abuse your customers"

See the attachments of order'.

I will contact the state attorney and BB concerning fraudulent and misleading practices of this "company"

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#617325 sent an email to update regarding this Staples fraud. After the 45 days, no one responded my emails or calls, just the auto replier "message received, cs will contact you".

About a week ago I opened a claim with Massachusetts BBB, Staples has an F rating there. If it does not advance, I'll be contacting my State Attorney.

Customers, do not be afraid to exercise your rights, there is no place for companies that employ dishonest tactics to maximize their pockets, even if it is for $0.99.


Well, if they had a glitch on their system then too bad for them and may some heads roll in house..

Why should the customer have to pay for their mistake? Like for every other reputable business, they should honor and keep their word and not lie stating they processed and shipped your order after charging your credit card.

If they did not mention free shipping when you upload your image as they did, people would have ignored their "promotion". One can order stamps for about $8 with FS.

to anonymous #617611

They didn't advertise free shipping it was other blog sites that advertised that all the ads that Staples sent including on the banners on their site were Shipping Charges apply. The misprint was 99c which they were willing to honor, but shipping was advertised as an expense.

Also this has happened to companies like Office max and office depot as well...the same response was given "your order has been canceled"

to Some1 Miami, Florida, United States #617667

Well "Some1", I did not *** their system or threaten someone at Staples to get the free shipping. See their order form stating "Shipping & processing (priority 7 days) = FREE".

After three days and after charging CC they sent another email with form stating "shipped from warehouse, expected delivery by Feb 4, 2013" = LIES. And then, 7 days later they tell you to pay 1000% more or they will cancel. THE ORDER IS A CONTRACT AND MUST BE HONORED. THEY COMMITTED BAIT AND SWITCH, FRAUD, AND LIED and I intend to take this matter very seriously.

I recommend others that have been scammed by Staples to come forward and their voices be heard.

Now I find it peculiar how you defend this "company", may I know what is your particular interest? Would you support Staples if it continued with these DISHONEST BUSINESS PRACTICES AND LIES?

to Some1 Arlington, Virginia, United States #617678

Imagine what would happen if a seller in Ebay sold an item at $10 with free shipping, then tells the buyer he has sent the item and one week later the seller demands the buyer $100 to ship the $10 item. The seller's account would be suspended in a heartbeat. Now Staples seems to have more reputation than some shady Ebay sellers and if it committed an error, it must go through as promised for that sale binding contract, with no modifications that shift the blame on customers for their mistakes.


See on the images, "Shipping and processing (seven day priority) FREE" and on the other "Status: Shipped from warehouse" "Expected delivery 02/06/2013 via Staples courier"

What a RIP OFF!!!!

to horacio.alfano #602284

That's not what I meant...I meant where did Staples advertise free shipping when you upload an image. The only thing that shows is that there was a glitch in their system.


I keep hearing people say the online order platform stated (free shipping with upload) however I received the same email that said 99c stamp shipping charges apply and never seen anywhere on their site that said free shipping with upload. And no one can come up with a screen shot or anything that shows free shipping besides where on the order page it says included which doesn't say they advertised it just the system messed up.

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