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The Staples Canada Head Office In Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada Will Not Help You And Is As Cheap And Selfish As Possible!

Back on Sunday, July 24, 2016, I spent $452.70 of my hard earned money to buy my Very First Acer ES1-531-C6FQ Laptop which was purchased at Your Staples Canada Store # 15 Which Is Located At: 3150 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6A 2T1

(416) 785-5335.

For Your Information: I have always been loyal to HP because of what I get for my money, however, it was time for a Change since my previous laptop was dying out and so I chose to give Acer Inc a Chance!

However, I am very disappointed in your laptop due to the following reasons:

1) When I Am Online, It Is Quite Slow. I am Not sure if it has to do with the Ram or Memory, but I find your model to be quite slower compared to what I had bought the last time with HP.

2) Your laptop does Not Come With A CD/DVD Drive like my HP came with.

I seriously did Not know this and Assumed that All Laptops come with the CD/DVD Drive and Yours Requires The Customer To Buy It in which I find to be Quite Selfish And Ridiculous because my last

HP Laptop Included The CD/DVD Drive on the Right Side Of The Laptop!

That Is Not Fair At All and I am Far From Happy because of that as well!

Please NOTE: During My In-Store Experience, Your Sales Representative New Very Little About The Laptop That I Just Purchased, Including Not Even Having The Liberty, Nor The Honesty Of Informing Me Of Whether It Came With A Built-In CD/DVD Player Or Not!

Please Also NOTE: When I Asked If My One Year Warranty Would Be Valid To Use In The United States Since I Permanently Live In Los Angeles, California, He Did Not Know The Answer Either!

How Ridiculous?

This Is Considered To Be Very Unprofessional Coming From The Retail Side Of Your Business!

Later Results: After emailing their corporate executives earlier on today, I did get a response back from their Canadian Head Office out in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada today at 2:56 P.M. from the phone number of: (905) 737-1147 and the Woman I spoke to was Extremely Rude, Controlling and Had Excuses For Everything.

She Refused to Treat Me Proper as a Staples Inc. Customer and told ME that she will NOT Upgrade Me to a Better Model and just told me to Return The Product Back For A Refund and to Spend More Money If I Want A Proper Working Laptop!


She also told ME that I Got What I Paid For!

This to ME is Beyond Low, Disgusting, Pitiful, Unreliable, Unhelpful, Uncaring Service that I personally did Not Deserve!

During our phone conversation, she was trying Very Hard To Control My Anger and The Tone Of My Voice in which I take Offense To!

This had to be One Of The Worst Customer No Service Experiences That I Ever Had With A Major Store and Hopefully The Last!

Final Thoughts: I know that she CAN Afford To Take Care Of Me Properly as a Staples Inc. Customer, but Out Of Greed And Selfishness, she Will Not!

I also believe that she has been told and trained to Give Back As Little To The Customer As Possible!

I most likely will be Returning The Laptop Back Within The 14 Days and Buying One Back In The United States where the Service is so Much Better!

I am NEVER Going Back To Staples Inc.!

The End!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "i prefer for them to offer me an upgraded laptop of the same brand or hp preferably with a built in cd/dvd installed which is not slow and does not have the same problems as this one does" as the author lost $453. HOWARDSHORE1970 is overall dissatisfied with Staples and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about staples customer care at Staples was head office offered no resolution, head office only cares about money and that is all and head office was very controlling during the conversation Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Reading your potato quality pics of the email you sent using bold, underline, and capitals is cringe worthy.

- A lot of laptops do not come with CD drives anymore. If you had done any research on the laptop or saw the laptop in person you probably would have noticed the lack of drive in it.

- If you were so concerned about the warranty working in the US than maybe you should have bought it there or researched it before purchase.

An associate should not be expected to know the fine details of a product's warranty you seem to expect nor the validity of the warranty outside of the country.

- The company should not be obligated to credit you a laptop upgrade because it isn't as fast as you would like to be.

Staples did not force you to buy that laptop, you are the one who made the decision to purchase it, researching the laptop ahead of the purchase could have prevented much of your disappointment. In addition, the Celeron processor and 4gb of ram that particular laptop is built with isn't going to do anything too spectacular for you outside of basic functions.

First Born Triplet
Ontario, Canada #1192411

Yeah there are many different people that do not know what they are doing. For example the people running this site deleted my comment where it gives helpful information yet, they leave Kevin Richard's Comment(currently going under the name Not_The_OP).

This site itself allows him to harass and bully other people, it allows him to impersonate other people make fun of those that are disabled, ***, and black. Currently there are people contacting each other for a class law action lawsuit because his comments are not deleted and other comments that are helpful are allowed to stay. So here I go again trying to help you. I would not be surprised if this comment was deleted, but yet Not the OP's harassing comments are still here.

The administrators of this site are clearly homophobic themselves because the word "g a y" is filtered. Anyways here it goes again. I am going to do something Kevin Richard's did to make it easier for you to separate my ranting of this unprofessional site form my advice. IF THE ADMINISTRATORS ARE READING THIS POST A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE LEFT YOUR SITE BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MONITOR YOUR SITE PROPERLY.




As for the OP here are some suggestions.

First of all yeah the person at Staples has no knowledge about his products. If he did have knowledge about what he was selling he would already know that the Acer has a slow internet connection. Never again buy an Acer if you want good connection to the internet. Another thing that is not professional about this site is they do not allow comments to be put in paragraphs.

So sorry if it is one long dialogue. Anyway, make sure you do not have too many programs open at once. Delete all unnecessary files. Do you have a wife or children?

If they are on their cell phones or other computers using wifi using the internet they are using bandwidth themselves, and if they are this slows things down as well. Do a virus and malware scan. Google slow connection Acer or search for it on youtube and it will show a video on how to make your connection faster.

But yeah if you are looking for speedy connection an Acer is a bad idea. Stores usually have a two week return policy for electronics, so even though you were misinformed you are unfortunately out of luck.

First Born Triplet
to First Born Triplet Ontario, Canada #1192415

Oh, and one more thing, sometimes the connection is slow because of other factors. The service provider(Bell, Rogers, Ect may be having issues, so you may go offline for a while, and or have slow connection.

Sometimes this is fixed by turning all the programs off. Sometimes it is fixed by restarting, other times it is being fixed by turning off the internet for ten seconds, to ten minutes (unplugging the cables that connects you to the internet).

Sometimes you are just out of luck and have to wait for the provider to fix the issue and use it hours later. But your problem is the Laptop most likely.


Staples doesn't make the call on hardware. HP, Acer, and many others are opting to leave out an optical drive, because then it can be thinner and lighter, as well as a decrease in price.

It is a digital age. That is Acer's call and Acer's laptop. Look at other stores and you'll see the same thing. As far as speed, did you go cheap or did you get a good mid-to-high range one that has an i3 or higher?

More than 4b of ram? Because if you went cheaper and it had a cheaper processor, then of course it will be slower. In the end, you get what you pay for.

Side note: I would never expect a part-time salesman in an office supply store to have any idea how a manufacturer warranty would work between countries.

And brace yourself when you get back to the States, because some of our laptops in America don't have a drive either. Welcome to reality.

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