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This says it all:

I believe this will explain the attitude and customer service at Staples... The concept is to Sell, Sell, Sell whether or not the customer actually needs the product or not. Unless you actually know what you want, buyer be ware as Staples will try to sell you extras that you don't or will never need. It's like a giant Ponzi scheme with the managers at the top of the pyramid making their $ off low-paid part time employees- No wonder the system sucks! I guess it is no different than other big box retailers... EXCEPT Apple!!!!!

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I agree with ACE.

Also, to Sapien, You obviously don't know anything about VIBE... The training I took for VIBE tells you to YES look SLIGHTLY busy, but look available and ask the customers if they need any help. If they say no, then let them know that if they have ANY questions, feel free to let us know. And let them know that you would be happy to help. I also like to give them my name. It makes the customer feel more familiar and comfortable with me as well as other associates.

ALSO, We do not try to sell you things you do not need...

Sometimes if we are selling you a printer or something similar, we will suggest that you buy additional cartridges of ink because you printer will only come with a small starter cartridge that will only print about 10 pages. We are making sure that you get your product home, ready to use, with any other items you will need to make it more functional so that you don't have to come back right away. We want you to be all set up and ready to use your product so you're happy!

Staples Tech

Sapien, don't fall asleep during the videos. It clearly stated to only carry one or two items at a time to keep yourself open for customers.

To NOT load yourself up incase a customer needs help. Passbys and VIBE are a way to feel the customer out until they are ready for help and, at that time, be readily available without carts of products being in the way.

Eraserhead...what exactly are these "extras" that are being sold? I'm curious.


yepp the new VIBE policy says it all..keeping working don't stop to help customers unless you HAVE to.


I got hired by staples about a week ago and the first thing that the general manager told me the goal is to make the customer feel comfortable not to sell...


Our aim is not to sell you products you don't need. We make enough business just selling you what you do need at fair prices.

Don't blame my associates because you didn't know what you were doing when you came into the store.

We actually follow a business plan similar to Apple in that we focus on customer service. You have to pass a 60 question test with a 90% just to get an interview to get hired.

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