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I replied to an email from Staples back in early January, where they said that they were offering 45.00 rebate on a case of printing paper. They said it was an "easy rebate." I purchased the paper, and submitted for my rebate on or about January 20th.

The email that was sent to me upon submittal of rebate said that it would take 4 to 6 weeks. It included a "tracking no.," which was linked to nothing. I waited until yesterday (4/9/18) to reach out and ask where my rebate was. The first reply stated that the "tracking no." I provided didn't exist (I copied and pasted the tracking no.

from the email I received from Staples after submittal of rebate). Then I sent them the "easy rebate no." that was also included in the email they sent me upon submittal for rebate. They asked for me to send them a PDF of the email that originally included that information, which I did. Now they are stating that I need to resubmit for the rebate, and include the original receipt.

Really???? Obviously, this wholw rebate process is a scam; they figure that most peoplw will either forget about the pending rebate, or give uo after a few tries...

Product or Service Mentioned: Staples Rebate.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Sadlym this is a typical tactic of Staples over the past year or so - they used to honor rebates properly. It is also (off topic) employed by some insurance carriers to delay and deny paying legitimate claims.


Staples Easy Rebate program is a total scam! Don't waste your time...

The cards have short expiration times, arrive late and no one at Staples cares about the reissuance of a rightfully earned rebate. Again, don't waste your time.


I have submitted the rebate online. I was told the order is not found in there rebate system.

Totally scam... Never buying from staples..


Having problems with rebates as well. In the past no problems. This year it's a royal fiasco.


If it was a scam, the company would have been caught ages ago. But fun fact: Staples stopped the rebates because their customers are too stupid to submit them right, and kept assuming it was a scam to compensate for their lack of intelligence.

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