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I replied to an email from Staples back in early January, where they said that they were offering 45.00 rebate on a case of printing paper. They said it was an "easy rebate." I purchased the paper, and submitted for my rebate on or about January 20th.

The email that was sent to me upon submittal of rebate said that it would take 4 to 6 weeks. It included a "tracking no.," which was linked to nothing. I waited until yesterday (4/9/18) to reach out and ask where my rebate was. The first reply stated that the "tracking no." I provided didn't exist (I copied and pasted the tracking no.

from the email I received from Staples after submittal of rebate). Then I sent them the "easy rebate no." that was also included in the email they sent me upon submittal for rebate. They asked for me to send them a PDF of the email that originally included that information, which I did. Now they are stating that I need to resubmit for the rebate, and include the original receipt.

Really???? Obviously, this wholw rebate process is a scam; they figure that most peoplw will either forget about the pending rebate, or give uo after a few tries...

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If it was a scam, the company would have been caught ages ago. But fun fact: Staples stopped the rebates because their customers are too stupid to submit them right, and kept assuming it was a scam to compensate for their lack of intelligence.

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