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Hello, My name is Yesenia Gutierrez and i just walked into your store in the century plaza in Inglewood CA, and was completely disappointed with the customer service provided. I went into the store to fax some papers, but being my first time i didn't know the process.

Although it is a self-service center, I had asked for help in the process and all they told me was to follow directions on screen. Trying to be of no inconvenience to the workers I attempted to do it on my own at first, but was inevitably unable to figure it out. Again i asked for assistance and again they asked me to follow directions on screen. Frustrated i asked for my money back which was charged on my card for my first failed attempt and left the store to go to FedEx where there is actually good customer service.

I am not writing this review to insult the workers but to better enhance the service provided in the self-service center.

Please take this review into consideration in order to improve the service offered to individuals using the self-service center for the first time. Thank You.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Rocky Point, New York, United States #842504

I'm surprised you were even able to turn on your computer and post this complaint.


I think you should probably look up the definition of self-service. Saying that they should provide better service in the self-service are is a bit of an oxy-*** now isnt it???

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