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This is a company that cares zilch for its customers. First of all, don't bother getting a customer reward card because unless you buy a certain dollar amount every quarter it is worthless.

Second, they pull you in with rebate offers that are total rip off. My story is that when I called the rebate center, I was transferred 4 times to people who could not speak English. On the phone for hour and 15 minutes for a lousy $22. Apparently, someone else had entered the information for the rebate, which was sent to this person, although never cashed.

I wanted a new rebate sent to me and a new REWARDS card. Simple ---right? They admitted it was sent to someone else and never cashed. Nope.

No one could help me. I eventually was transferred to someone at CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS who said SHE COULD NOT DO ANYTHING BEFORE SHE RESEARCHED WITH THE REBATE COMPANY AND WOULD CALL ME BACK!! Apparently, the rebates are run by A TOTALLY DIFFERENT COMPANY so she has no authority to send me another lousy rebate for $22 without contacting the other company!! If my employer treated its customers this way, it would violate every corporate directive we get about being responsive to customers.

Clearly Staples does not have the same concerns about customer service. So be aware, if you get sucked in by Staples' rebate offers, and you have any problems getting your rebate, you will waste more time trying to get the rebate then it is worth because this is a company that does not care about you.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Staples. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Staples to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

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Odebolt, Iowa, United States #1204062

You would think Corporate would just offer you the $22 to save you as a customer? Jeesh, they will be loosing more money from you in the long run.

I would go to Best Buy. They ALWAYS have price matched easy, helpful, knowledge associates, etc. Trust me I don't work there and not being paid to say it.

It has just been my experience that BB will bend over backwards for a customer when ever possible. Staples staff must be paid quite a bit lower because their associates evidently have absolutely no knowledge, care or understanding in my area.


Most of the Staples rebates are fulfilled by the manufacturer, not by Staples. If Staples was doing it, you would just have a sales price.

But outside of Staples brand purchases, the other items are actually fulfilled by who made the product, even if the rebate card or check says Staples on it.

The rebate may come right from the manufacturer, or they may reimburse Staples once the rebate is issued, but either way it is the manufacturer who puts out the money, and when there are rebate issues, Staples must go to them to seek a solution to an error or issue with usage.

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