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This happened a few years ago, and I haven't stepped foot in a Staples since nor will I ever again. I went in looking for a digital camera.

My buddy asked Staples employee if it took regular batteries. Employee kept pointing to the obvious description tag and saying it has rechargeables. We knew that, but we also know we can't really look at anything since it's all locked up. He wanted to know if we could use regular batteries or if you couldn't change the batteries out.

Again and again we had to listen to this kids ever increasingly annoying sounding answer of "It has rechargeables". This kid got indignant to the point that he eventually called my buddy a ***, and to quit asking the same stupid question. Now we had actually started moving away when he did this, and neither of us had said anything combative. It was all I could do to restrain my buddy, and push him toward the door.

I informed your less than informed store manager that day of what had just happened. And the freakin kid was following us to the door. The store manager actually started trying to explain this kid's actions as if they were somewhat justifiable, but in the end offered me an extreme price break if I bought a camera that day. I laughed at her.

Looking back I should have let my buddy tear this *** apart. Because he clearly didn't understand wtf he did wrong or why we had any right to be upset. And prior to this, I used Staples for pretty much every office need I had.

So they've lost out on at least $4000 in sales since. Staples can chew the root as far as I'm concerned.

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