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I purchased your 1st shredder in Sept.2017, 5 months later it just stop working period.( would not turn on at all.) After taking it back to your store in march 2018 and exchange for a new one(same model) and had to buy a two year warranty, it has been 1 week and this staples shredder is doing the same thing( refusing to be turned back on period) After numerous times trying. This is a damn shame and embarrassment for your company.

These poorly made products from China is no good, but you keep purchasing and selling this garbage to American citizens. Shame on You

Furthermore, I am a handicapped customer, and this is so unpleasant and against my health to keep coming back and forth to your store.

Staples does not pay for my expenses and suffering. this also is a damn shame.

Product or Service Mentioned: Staples Paper Shredder.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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As for their shredders. I have had positive experiences.

The first STAPLES shredder lasted 10 years, and my new one is so far 1 year old and doing well so far.

Try again, and read the shredder review before purchasing, each shredder is very different. If you choose carefully, STAPLES can be your friend with shredders.


So instead of crying about it why not purchase a different brand and stop messing around and buying the cheapest and crappiest. Oh, I know why, you wanted to save money.

Ever heard of you get what you pay for. Lmao!!!



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