The tittle says it all! I gave them my Dell XPS laptop running at top speed with NO Issues other than a few hiccups running it for 5 1/2 years with a Dell 5 year in home warranty that had never been out of my possession and mostly used as a desk top so it was extremely clean with NO DAMAGE! With Microsoft XP ending support April 8 I decided in Dec to wipe out the hard drive and reinstall XP clean and get all the updates before they were no longer available.

What I noticed immediately when I got it home was the Power Adapter was switched! Not the PP28L that came with my Lap but a LA90PS1-00 with a lower amp range. The first thing I noticed it was larger, the cords were thicker & shorter and both went in the same direction, mine didn't, upon closer examination I noticed it had an orange inventory sticker with a power rating on the cord.

It was evening so I just put it down on my desk and opened the lid and the cover partially pulled away from the screen I turned the light and on at closer look The Midnight Blue Cover mysteriously turn to a faded Tuxedo Black and was scratched and a nick on the keyboard

When I confronted the tech(assist mgr) His explanations was as follows Deny! Deny! Deny! Tore off the tag from the power cord and said he has no Idea what I'm talking about he not working on any other Dells to have mixed it up. When I showed him the lid he shrugged his shoulders and denied that too. I pointed to my lap and said what color is my computer he said BLACK! I said that's funny because mine is MIDNIGHT BLUE he lifted it up turned it on the side then replied " well if you hold it on a certain angle you can see a hint of blue. I replied " Black is made with blue but Blue is not made from black!!!!!!! Dismissed everything with it's an old computer, But that wasn't the worse of it!!!!!!!

Nothing worked, couldn't get internet connections, printer kept saying it wasn't installed even though it was, Monitor was distorted and couldn't set the resolutions everything took a full min + to load

OS Drivers were missing or not compatible I can go on and on nothing functioned, After 5 weeks of calling and bring it back he still couldn't correct the issues so he decided to reinstall it again. He came to me this time and when he was finished I went trough a check list of all the programs and drivers with him. When I noticed the Bluetooth & Dell 1395 wireless that runs the Bluetooth was not install he said " you don't have Bluetooth!!!!!!" I replied I certainly do! and pulled out the original documentation of my lap. He replied "well if you did it's not there now!"

The Bluetooth was the last straw. With the adapter being switched, the cover damage and changing from blue to black I feared the worst and took me weeks to get Dell to give me the codes for the original parts and cost me $201 to find a repair service to verify the hardware parts.were there. The Bluetooth was there but not functioning and still isn't.

Bottom line everything it was working with no issues when I gave them my lap, the cover was blue, I had NO, absolutely No Cosmetic Damage and the original PP28L power adapter. I contacted Corp and all they were interested in was getting information for damage control to avoid responsibility. I begged them to just get my computer working correctly but they ignored me It cost me an additional $400 to get a real professional tech @ $95 hr for 4 hours to re-install everything properly to make it functional, But what price can you put on what was returned to me may possibly in part may not be what I gave them or set an amount on the 2 months frustration of a non operational computer while trying to get Staples to correct the problems they caused. I've done biz with Staples for probably 20 years NO longer! A company that is only interested in covering their "A" and won't take responsibility for their actions or services cannot be trusted to sell me even a paper clip. It's no wonder they announced the closing of over 300 Stores

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Denver, Colorado, United States #1056416

No easy explanation for the cosmetic changes but I think it's safe to say that your other issues are driver related, easily fixable. Also, of course your printer wouldn't be installed because you had them do a fresh install of Windows XP.


That's right! what was I supposed to dump it after I paid them to do a clean install?

Puter was in perfect running condition and I Still needed XP for programs that cannot be read or transferred or run on 7-8.

Everyone has has an opinion without knowing the details :? . Point is they ripped me off, not my decisions.

to Anonymous #815851

Most people would have reinstalled it themselves with the recovery discs...or found a 10 year old relative to do it for them.

to Ricochet-Rabbit #815857

The point of this forum is to inform People of wrong doing, not ask for opinions from of how too or what should from someone who is clueless of the situation. Maybe your OK with paying for services that are not performed and helping themselves to your property, :eek I'm not :upset And I guess well see if the Judge agrees with me or you. So you can go back to the playground with your 10 year old friends

to Anonymous #993390

I've noticed that on this forum there are a lot of childish remarks and excuses given for reports of bad service given. Maybe someday when those people grow up they will appreciate that someone saved them from a bad experience by posting the info here.

That's the purpose of sharing your experience... to help other, not to hear excuses made for them.


You invested $601 in a 5½ year old laptop? All for a clean install of an old outdated OS? :roll

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