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Took my laptop in for a repair of a RJ 45 Internet connection which was not working under their extended warranty. Two week later I receive a picture of the laptop with the corner top screen side broken, they say It must have been me who did it (BS) and their warranty of any kind was void, and there would be no discussion.

Liars and Cheats; will never do business with them again and have put the story on my face book so that 1285 other people get the heads up and hopefully pass it along to there friends. Apparently honorable business practices are discouraged and lying / cheating and ripping off the public is promoted at Staples.

Review about: Staples Repair.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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When Staples does an intake they are supposed to report any existing damage on a computer. If on your intake paperwork it says "no visible damage/marks" and now there is, they are responsible. Find your original paperwork and contact the corporate office.


Sorry to hear that.. thats why I shop at office max

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