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I have ALWAYS run into issue going to staples to print 1 ONE 12 X12 print on laserjet...which takes rougly 20 mins (after machine warms up) and i continuously run into same nonsense about jobs are being run and mine cannot be completed until next day while they are standing around and the laserjet printer is NOT being used. This nonsense is irritating.

STaples please set an education and worth ethic standard for your copy associates so this is not happening. You will loose ANOTHER customer today.

Go out of business or SET a copy standard that can be clearly explained to customers... like kinkos no in house printing prints orders will be taken and delivered next day and stop wasting time paying these idiots.

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Staples copy and print centers do orders in the order they come in... On a regular basis there are orders that are already there ahead of anyone bringing in an order.

The previous poster was correct, the store do not stock or have available 12 x 12 paper for the copy machines. Any orders that size, B & W or Color would have to be done on the wide format machines, and they do take longer to print from and set up orders. Sometimes when you may think they are just not doing anything, there are tons of things that go on in a copy center that don't involve copiers... They have to process third party orders, things for the production centers to produce, and work on the computer setting up orders.

I sorry your order couldn't be done in the time frame you requested, but it's not always possible to do walk up orders while the customer waits... There are a lot of factors in play here...

The associates also have to add time in for helping customers who walk up while they're working on orders, help with faxes and customers in self serve area... You have to take these interruptions into account when taking in an order...


All non-rush jobs are probably run in a batch - they will wait until they have a few others to run in for so that they don't have to waste energy on warming up the printer for a job.



My store got rid of the 252 awhile ago. Besides you would have to bring in your own paper for them to use as staples doesn't stock larger than 11 x 17 for their laser machines


The xerox 252 will print 12x12 and will do it in minutes. Just saying.


just because no one is standing by the printer doesn't mean it isn't running. and what makes you think your job should be done before anyone else's? buy your own printer or stop being such an impatient a$$hole.


If you place the order online it gives you a time of completion, if you want it done same day it adds a rush fee.

If you go into the store its up to the associates in the store to give you a completion time which can be given based on other machines jobs / the machine you need being down.

Also a B&W wide format 12 x 12 print takes roughly 2-3 minutes to print if the machine was in sleep mode.

A color wide format 18 x 24 takes 30 minutes to print.

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