I purchased 2 laptops from Staples and was offered and extended warranty due to they were going to be taken to college. I was told it wa a worry free warranty that no matter what happened they would fix/replace it even if it got dropped into water puddle and stepped on.

Well it started having issues so we sent it in for repair and was told they would not repair it as it had liquid damage. I spoke to several tech's that were supposedly looking at pics of the "damage' but the story changed from each tech. One said it was water, other said condensation, another said it looks like Soda.. ummmm regardless of which I was told that it would be fixed when I bought the warranty.

I finally reached a supervisor in customer service and was told "We only sell the warranty, we are not responsible for what they decide and cannot over rule their decision.

If they say they won't fix it then your out of luck".

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York, Maine, United States #966467

Their protection plan is a rip off! Plain & simple.


You got it wet. You didn't purchase the accidental damage coverage. This is your fault.

Easy Tech Associate FL

In regards to the original post it appears that they sold you the wrong policy for your laptop.

There are two different coverages available:

Standard and Accidental.

The coverage provided by both is as follows*:

100% internal component coverage against normal wear and tear and defects

One time LCD screen replacement (accidental damage only covered by accident policy)

Up to $1000 power/surge coverage

Worldwide (for US residents) and Transferable Coverage

24/7 US based phone support for the entire duration of the policy.

Free Express Shipping.

The Accident Damage or TSPPlus laptop plan covers all accidental damage excluding the following: Acts of God, Theft, incidental cosmetic damage (scuffs, etc).

If your reciept does not show a SKU that looks like this: 2 YR ADH WARRANTY then the policy is only standard coverage.

The company can be forced to honor your claim if you make enough noise, the best way to accomplish this would be contacting The Office of the President (that info is available at all Staples stores).

PS. If they said they wouldn't cover it for water, why not just throw it on the ground and force them to replace the unit. Or better yet, kick the screen in and they'll HAVE To replace the unit.

to Easy Tech ***ociate FL Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #585646

Maybe GOD spilled the soda.

Act of god.

Helps when you're atheist...nothing is an act of god!

Fredericksburg, Ohio, United States #20981

I just recently had a nearly identical experience with Staples. The manager told me when I purchased the warranty that "If I ran over it with my car it would be covered" but they said there was a liquid spill ( never happened but...

) and they wouldn't cover it. :(

Batesville, Mississippi, United States #4063

I had a very similar story with Staples...bought a printer about 16 months ago...tried to use the extented warranty...Nobody was able to help...spent more than 5 hours (5 days average of an hour per day...) could not wait..so I had to get sombody to fix it and spent almost $400... Last guy I spoke hung up on me..

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