The last 4 times I went to Staples to buy an item advertised on sale, they said that the item was out of stock.

Each time I went well before the end of the sale.

The last incident was for a camcorder that required a coupon which I printed from my computer.

I asked if I could have a rain check and was told no.

An external hard drive that actually was in stock which I bought died less than 2 months after I bought it.

Staples told me that I would have to go to the manufacturer and when I went to their website the instructions were so complicated,that I gave up.

I will no longer be shopping at Staples.

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for one thing, sales items are usually low in stock. learn to buy the item early or just suck it up if it's not in stock.

two, if the hard drive has something wrong with it then that's the maker of the products fault. not Staples, you ignorant ***.


Items are first come first serve and some items we get befor th sall and sell out of them and won't get any more till after the sall. Odd I know but I've seen it happen way to much.

Also. If you didn't get warranty with the hard drive then staples won't even try to help you out side the 14 day return policy. As far as the bad drive go. That is a manufacturer issue.

I'm a tech at staples and I don't buy any of my hardware from there at all. But have come across bad drives that I got from manufacturer its not often but it has happened.

That's with any product any where. I'm not trying to stick up for staple but I am trying to inform you that you will have the similer issues in other places online and off.


went to buy a laptop cooler. They said pay in advance it'll be here in a coupla days.

That was over a month ago. I've called 3 times, gone to store personally once.

They have been very rude and now they are telling me that they will 'probably' have to refund my money!! Wanna bet my stuff came in and got sold because nobody checked to find out if it was already on an order?


I went to buy laptop on sale, got there as door opened and after 45 min pitch on warranty, was told they didn't have it in stock. I know I was first person in store and have also had this problem before!!


Staples has a return policy for a reason. Not to lose money!

Contact the manufacturer as they are responsible for this issue by law! You are a ***!


When items like the one you were interested in is on sale in the fine print it states "while supplies last" it allows the stores to decline issuing rain checks


sale items are first come first serve and for some reason we wont do rainchecks but they could have checked to see if a staples nearby had the item its best to go on sundays to get these sales items and electronics are always the first thing in that weeks add to go out of stock

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