Today, I was attracted back to Staples by a sale on business cards, but server is always busy. Unless I'm willing to pay full price.

Then it works just fine. Not. Kidding.Anyway, I realized Staples had not debited my bank account for a monitor I had ordered was supposed to be delivered today. Low and behold my order is being "researched" which seems to be code for cancelled???

Or perhaps the monitor is lost in the Bermuda triangle and they've sent a research team in after it? But I must commend Staples for being thoughtful... seeing as how I might be upset to know my order was delayed/cancelled/abducted by their website troll they kindly didn't send me that message. Instead, they filled my junk folder with spam adverting their awesome sales.Anyway, I'm fairly certain my monitor is not lost in the Bermuda Triangle so I'm going to make an educated guess that my order has been unofficially cancelled-- excuse me, researched-- due to chronic pseudo-sales-syndrome.

Also known as liar-liar-pants-on-fire disease.

After reading reviews, Staples seems to have quite the case it.Of course, I'll eat my words if my monitor ever finds it's way to my house. However, I'd advise against holding your breath on that.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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