I ordered several items and tried to use an online coupon I found on slickdeals. The order went through and 2 days later I get an email from staples saying my order had been canceled.

They said that the coupon code wasn't for those items. My response to that was they should have blocked any items that the code isn't good for so people could not order any items the code wasn't good for.

I will not shop staples any more and will tell everyone to go to walmart, officemax, or office depot. Please tell everyone do not use staples.......they do not stand behind what they advertise!

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Staples does not accept coupons from slickdeals


Staples does not honor photocopies of coupons, or our legitimate coupons that have been sold or reposted through 3rd party coupons sites.... The majority of our coupons either come directly from staples.com or through email to limited customers...


you *** idiots and your coupons, especially the ones that aren't even from Staples. you might as well take your business somewhere else because they would rather not deal with ignorant people like you.


if you got the coupon from slickdeals, them Staples is not the one advertising it now are they?


You can not use third party websites for coupons! Most of those coupons are fruadulent, and if you furthermore pay for those coupons on those sites then sadly you are an uneducated consumer.


you are *** ***

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