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I bought a Toshiba laptop as a holiday gift on the recommendation of the Staples salesperson. It was opened about a month after purchase and used for 2 weeks.

Then the hard drive crashed. When I called Staples they said "too bad" and told me to call Toshiba. They could not find the correct number so then told me to call customer service. After being on hold for 10 minutes I was cut off.

I then called the Staples manager and explained that I was sold a defective machine and requested Staples replace it and deal with Toshiba. Even after learning that in order to even have Toshiba look at the problem, I had to pay them to ship the laptop, he didn't care. Staples is selling defective merchandise from disreputable companies and doesn't care at all about the consumer.

Any problem, not their problem. Don't ever buy electronic equipment from this company.

Monetary Loss: $890.

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I'm sure you were also offered the extended warranty and you turned that down saying it was too expensive. Lets get this straight. Staples sells products that are shipped to use from manufacturers. We do not have the staffing and hours to open and test every single item we get and if we did that'd be a problem to because then it'd be an "open box" item, but we wont get into that line of thinking. We don't just sell you bad items. We tell you the risks of buying a computer with no plan. *** there was even a statistic released about 2 years ago stating the percentage of computers that fail within the first year, hardware wise. It was around 42% and even with that stat in my sales pitch, people, I'm sure like yourself, still don't want the extended warranty. Most manufacturers cover HDD failure within the first year. Some are more hard pressed to than others, but most do. In this case, if you has purchased the warranty, this could have been an easy fix. But I'm sure there would have been some complaint about how you had to sent the computer out or it was taking too long to be fixed. It's not the responsibility of the store manager to make up for your mistake.





to nwinters #675013

Hi, Thanks for posting this!

I am Mary at mclearsight@ao... :(

First; Wal-Mart sold me a defective Pavilion and hp cannot fix it. All lousy partial English speaking techs. Sent back to them 3x. Woman yells at me, try to discourage me from calling again. Out $500.00.

So; I go to Staples in Worcester, MA on Lincoln St. and tell them what happened at Wal-Mart, say I am seeking a new computer; NO HP, NO Pavilion! I picked out a model by a different manufacturer. Then all the managers left and this young sales man came out of the back with a HP Pavilion and said that's all they have. I was stuck. He promised it’s not like the Wal-Mart one, said its much better and also pressures to sell me a warranty and said if I have any problem to bring it in and they will fix. So I bought the warranty.

3 weeks later the dvd drive does not work, crashes the computer, only way to get computer to work is to shut off and on and then dvd cd goes to 0, no space and can’t open dvd, lost tons of files!

I walk in Staples today and the sales guy says; no, we don't fix computers even if I have a staples warranty. He lied when sold it to me! Then he gave me a number and said to call the main staples techs for help and I can ship computer to them and they pay postage. So; I have to fill out forms to sign up for all this on- line. Then finally get a tech; He says warranty no good; I have to get hp to fix it. Warranty only good after hp’s warranty is out. More lies! Hp can't fix this!

Staples is also selling defective ink cartridges.

No more staples, no more hp, no more Microsoft! Going to MAC… and business computers. :sigh


Let me explain how wrong you are. First no staples store will knowingly sell a defective item.

Second most stores will ask you to come in with the laptop to make sure that the customer didn't cause the issue. (rare cases it happens and the warranty is voided) Within 14 days it can be replaced store level. After which if you didn't purchase a warranty through staples you have to deal with Toshiba. You have one year before their warranty expires (not including software and in some cases the battery) If you bought the staples warranty you'd have three years and if something did happen you would call the number on the warranty and they will take care of you.

Look at the back of your receipt.

Last point Toshiba is a reliable company.

Mertztown, Pennsylvania, United States #622355

even though I feel bad for your defective purchase, I don't feel bad for you being ignorant. something you need to understand is that Toshiba is a pretty decent laptop company but there's still a small chance that they're going to have a defective laptop here and there.

I highly doubt Staples purposely sold you a defective one, do you think they somehow saw through the box that it was bad? besides, it wasn't bad straight out of the box. as much as I'd hate to say it, this is why stores offer extended warranties because most of the time the manufacturers have crappy warranties. sometimes, morons like you fail to understand the concept of retail.

stores make very little to no profit on computers. so if they were to sell a computer AND cover the manufacturer's warranty at no extra cost then they would go out of business.


Toshiba is a very reputable company...did you happen to buy the Staples warranty that was offered at time of purchase?

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