Worst experience I've ever had. I brought my computer in with physical damage to my keyboard.

The computer ended up needing to have things replaced to it. I also requested that the CD tray be replaced. They fixed my computer but did not fix the CD tray. After that they claimed that I hadn't put that on the original order and it would be addition to fix it.

This was not the last time they tried to charge me for everything. After that they agreed to fix it with no additional charge. After my computer was fixed, a new problem came up. The display driver would stop responding when I would run videos.

I brought it in again, since they told me it was running fine. After bringing it in about 10 times for the same problem, they continued to tell me that it was fixed when the same problem came up. I finally brought it in one more time for the same issue, and when they were done they called me. They tried to charge me 69.99 for fixing it, it was absolutely ridiculous.

They told me that as long as I brought it in within a month for the same problem that I wouldn't be charged. They tried to claim that the work they did was excessive and that it went beyond just the normal work that was included in the original $200 I paid them, when clearly it wasn't because saying my computer was fixed in the first place was a lie. The tech guy claimed that they could reduce it to 39.99 and I still fought it, and the tech guy said he would talk to his manager and call me back. The store was closing soon so I was hoping to get a call back soon.

No such call came, so I rushed over to Staples right before they closed and had to fight to get the ridiculous charged dropped. The manager was never a helpful person, and I personally think the tech guy would make a better manager. The manager would never gave me helpful information and would just parrot what the tech guy already told me. He also seemed like a very scheemy guy.

So finally I wasted $200, a ton of gas, and a ton of time. I admit they were able to get my computer to work, but I am still hardly able to play videos. They said they were never able to find the problem, which I find hard to believe considering I get the same system message to come up at least 30 times a day. I learned to never trust what people say and to be prepared to have people backstab me while pretending to be nice.

I'd never trust what these people say, after all the double talk they did. My computer will never be the same, and I will never shop here again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Staples Repair.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I find this post funny in the effect that 2 issues which were seperate and yet while acknowledging the first was taken care of the second was not. when video issues are happening it is important to show the technician the issue.

if you could not do that than shame on you.

i am sure you were asked but i am going to assume you never could. sounds to me like you did not want to pay a fair a equitable price

Denver, Colorado, United States #1056415

Video driver crashes can be driver specific or even situation specific. Without doing EXACTLY what you did when you saw the message, they may never have that issue occur.


Some of the people always doing too much you know. But some of the honest Computer Repair Center  are doing work without customer hesitant.


nice article....

Germantown, Maryland, United States #822308

You have to remember that these guys are getting minimum wage so most of them are looking for a new job anyway lol. but you came back for a software issue when they told you your keyboard and cd drive were fixed.

if its a different issue they charge for every little thing. dont like it go to someone who makes more cash they will care a lot more.

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #815804

Oh yeah, store #1308 in Gilbert, Arizona

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