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I took my computer to them because my desktop would not open.I paid Stapples Computer Department $69.99 to dignos my computer.

Two days later I called the number on the receipt, but it was impossible to get anyone to help me. I called about 3 to 4 times asking for help regarding my computer. Their customer service is really horrible. After so many attempts by phone with no results, I decided to go to their store to find out the status of the repair.

I spoke with Charles and Brian, they said that I would need a new harddrive. I said okay, how much would it cost? They came with a bounch of charges: PC Tune Up, Internal component Install, Operating System Install, and data recovery, for a total of $259.00 not including that $69.99 already paid initially for dignos. I said okay, if that will fix the problem; go ahead and repair it.

Two days went by and not phone call from them regarding my computer. So, I went back to store again to find out what was going on. Bryan and Charles were not to be found, they were gone home already. This time I addressed the issue to the Manager, he told me that I will need a new computer, that the mother board was vasted.

I said that is imposible, I brought my computer to you guys to dignos and you guys told me that it will need a new harddrive; you guys are ripping off; I want my money back. He keep emphazising that a new computer was best for me.

That was my bad experience with Stapples.I would not take anything for repair nor shop in their store.

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This is from a long time ago but I thought I would put my $0.02 in.

As a former EasyTech associate, you brought your computer in for a $69 Diagnostic at Staples.Once they diagnose your computer to see what's wrong, if you choose to continue with their services, they will apply that $69 towards the price of whatever it needs (Virus Removal, OS Install, Internal Component Install, etc).

What happened is that they ran a Diagnostic on your computer by first testing all your hardware to see if it's working correctly.

If everything checks out, they then go into the Operating System to see what they can find, this could take up to 72 hours.

It seems they Diagnosed your computer problem as a Failing Hard Drive. They recommended you a new Hard Drive and when that happens, they need to backup your data (otherwise it will be lost forever from a failing hard drive), format the Hard Drive, reinstall the entire Operating System of Windows from scratch, go through the setup process, reinstall your drivers, run through Windows Updates, and then restore your data back on your computer. A new hard drive has absolutely nothing on it. That's why they needed to do all that.

Now, when you went back to the store and the Technicians weren't there, it's not their fault, nor is it there fault they didn't answer the phone.

There could have been several customers in the store that they were helping and they weren't in the store at the time because they...

The Manager might have known about the situation and possibly decided that you should get a new computer because fixing your computer through them is not worth it to you in the long run.

If you came in with a high end Ultra Book and they told you to get a new computer, then that's their fault and the Manager doesn't know what he's talking about.Give them some slack, these Techs are guys who are extremely knowledgeable working towards their Computer Science degrees or already have one and are making $9/hr doing what most Techs do for $25+/hr just to make ends meet.

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Purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer 2 months ago, its a piece of junk. Turn it on this morming and everything is sideways, it does not open my test files from school< I have to borrow my wifes computer to take test., Do not buy computers from Staples.

2 months old and each problem I have is bring it in for us to fix, ther is more money.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States #881037

I agree most shops charge a lot & doesnt no what they are doing.I see people buying software to install drivers on a computer and wasting their money when all you have to do in turn on install drivers with other updates.I have windows 7 and it will install any driver automatic for you if you no how to turn it on.My pc is 14 years old, pc are tough, i fix pc that had the blue screen of death,had a virus even in the memory.i have yet to see a pc that couldnt be fix.To turn on microsoft update your drivers Left click on start menu then Left click on computer then on that page under computer on the left side toward the bottom Left click on network then on the Right side on that screen click on network Infrastracture and then it should give you the option to turn on drivers update.When windows updates pc it will search also to find driver updates for you. My email address is snoopymuffy@gmail.com if you have any questions email.me


Exact same experience. Its got viruses again now :x

Holbrook, New York, United States #660801

WOW, that is truly ridiculous! From what you said you DO NOT need a new computer. Unless the harddrive completely cracked, you don't even need a new hard drive.

to Read Greeneville, Tennessee, United States #729156

The only time a computer would need a new hard drive would be if it were doing the "hard drive click of death".Which isn't vary common in desktop, or laptops.

Sounds like to me would be a bad data cable, or you would need to reinstall windows.,)


That is the answer you will get from any repair/ retail store that sells computers. If your taking your computer in because it's doing something that you don't know how to fix your self than it's an easy answer for the tech " you'll need a new computer" bam they just scored at least a $500 dollar sale. Dont be suckered into a retail chain repair service.


To the IHateStupid Customers.... You're a douche.


to the guy from Ann Arbor, Michigan.I can't say that corporates for certain stores hire people to defend their company online because let's face it, they don't share that kind of stuff to the public.

but I was simply responding the original poster's post. while I don't completely agree with how the employees treated the situation, I think she was dumb as well. that doesn't make me an employee of some secret corporate defending team or something.

sometimes people just like to point out how dumb customers are, especially people that have worked retail before.all I'm getting from your comment as that you use your spare time checking many websites for complaints about Staples and then decide to accuse people of things.

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