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Staples advertised "80 page coil notebooks" for 5 CENTS each.

Great offer ofcourse. What made it even better? The fact that they explicitly stated on their flyer next to this item "Guaranteed In-Stock".

So I get to the store, and what do you know...They're sold out.

I talk to the store manager and ask for some form of compensation, yet the best they could do is provide us with 2 of the notebooks since they were waiting on their new shipment.

So I go to ANOTHER staples store about 15 minutes away from the first, and they have the exact same thing going on. They're sold out on their advertised offer, yet are offering only two notebooks per family when the customer complains.

It is absolutely ridiculous that they label their item as GUARANTEED IN-STOCK, and then they run out of them. I had the idea that I could stock up on these, but ofcourse, the offer was too good to be true.

Review about: Staples Manager.

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That basically means in stock in store or online. It's a vague term. They didn't say it was guaranteed in stock IN THE STORE, they only said it was guaranteed in stock.

Danylivka, Zakarpats'ka Oblast', Ukraine #898715

5 cents a book. I mean, they were eventually going to run out though right?

I mean did you really think that they would have over 4985714908749807123894738248930790123489132748790173413249871329048791834710923498172340917238123094871384710923470981327409812374910382983473094-18049813490183479081234689149234304719234172348102732313904739847247098227417234924832481043120839018234814837918481934172398413984034789173248941798431894193481923840712389439840134871237498123748913247981203498324097234791234098347981023479812349834183470819347098327498013274014910347812341374893274687324781234732648973264789437648971473649781326497817346917843971364978136471329847435987461783493274132798712367192364891734673489779146398771394781349679184678346712483167483481346875r67981937439477124671923468394681346688967832489763489734913428763418973413413491843t3567196748873948932648324761234986713243241324634562`3461236413412346123432462347678236958756476873678465782675627465789617536415376417653437284387671649874513476897363786843784617641738438743764345378941357645184563478135475783545684867531541236457861346538764761837849732409871298347193477597687136461283491234689123648234687649846843984714934152353454353453245432543545435435435435345454534534534454545435435345435243235234234342343453545245234543545345435435435345345343454353453454354354398578293478923984763274362976423879697386489728976757659876546545647653456345234567476324353412311344456456758875976452345435324836872398766534564325234589237678346574365742365974365879234659872345872458729435874529857589459864562456745698745485794325345924375692845629845728456872934568724658796459827053490287899237697869378968743614978346197834981341732487164389712431983469178346934 5 CENT NOTEBOOK AVAILABLE? i MEAN YES, THEY SAID GUARANTEED, PROBALY BASED ON THEIR REGULAR SHOPPING CONSUMER REPORT AND MAYBE TO HANDLE A FEW OTHER BUT ***.. i know STAPLES was like bi00tch keep you *** nickle. and you want to be compensated?

they should have opened a bag of M&M peanuts, sucked all the color and chocolate off the peanut and spit it in your mouth, gave you two kixx in the a$$..

or a ¢ ¢ should i say.. succckk on those nutssss slow

to stfuNeatThosNutss Homestead, Florida, United States #898718

LMAO, wow that is the funniest thing i've read all day. Spit the peanut directly in her mouth. LMAO, hilarious.


Wow tgat was *** to put on a sign lol never guarantee anything. Legit complaint lop.

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