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purchased Cannon printer from Staples *They lost it by leaving wrong address *2-days later neighbor brought me printer left on his porch *no one said a word of l am sorry or we will try harder next time purchased new ink cartridges for new printer *They left them at wrong address *then did it 2nd time *said driver would go back and pick up package and then bring it to me at correct address *still waiting for package Still waiting on ink cartridges from Staples *requested they use different carrier/for delivery ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? now Staples has to replace because Lasershit says they were missing/stolen

Review about: Lasership Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $59.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Tom Mara cultivates an innocent persona. It's as if he is playing a character in a play, with very thoughtful displays of his personality.

He completely puts on the innocent or especially sweet act, which is easy to believe. You shouldn't take your first impression of him or any of them at face value. If you don't know a person well, they can mislead you into thinking they are innocent or sweet. The only real way to know a sociopath's true personality is by getting to know them well.

But if you listen to your intuition, you may get the feeling that their persona is just too simple to be real. Non-sociopaths are genuine people and not a perfect picture of a simplified personality.

WARNING: PLEASE BEWARE OF Predatory, philandering, sick men there, including but not limited to, effeminate Tom Mara who feign victim when they’re exposed, outed or confronted.

I would just like to warn anyone looking for a position with this Company. Most of the people there are unskilled labor just trying to make ends meet. It's very diverse, which is a good thing, but then you realize, people are stuck there, with little to no education.

LaserShip counts on this ignorance or lack of the ability to see that anyone has the ability to go somewhere where they can prosper and thrive.

I would say this isn't a company for anyone with any integrity. It's especially not fit for females. Predators to the Nth degree.

All in management, sales especially.

Remember Uber, in the news recently? You NOW have an idea of what LaserShip is like. A bunch of dim-witted, philandering, Neanderthals who haven't realized that growing up and not cheating on your wives is not that bad.

Beware of all of them, who pretend that they're family men and the ones who, especially project that they're so virtuous -- that projection is the red flag. They really wear who they are on the sleeves, so just watch and listen, but only if you have to work there; otherwise please stay away.

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