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Consumers are many times powerless. Here is where we need to show more muscle by boycotting Staples. I have switched to getting my prints from Allegra. Staples was my favorite store, but in the last few years, they have a corporate policy of treating customers as receptacles for advertising. When I call, no matter how often, I MUST listen to an ad. On their web site, there is so much clutter for products, that I was unable to get to "uploading... Read more

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On June 30, 2016 I purchased one of the Staples brand of shredders. On July 12, it broke and the shredding gears actually went flying. On July 19 I took it in for a return. Clerk said it was past the very tiny 14 day return policy on electronic items. Manager would not help, would not even give me a customer support contact. Horrible experience, lousy products. She absolutely refused to help. When asked for her supervisor (she is an assistant... Read more

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I live in Redmond Wa, and I always buy in Stapless, I am a neighbor of the place! I'm going to buy to the place and always am ignored and dan wrong service, am tired of that not are kind and sometimes are so rudos.i am Latin person and I have my business near the place. I hope that reaches to the people indicated and that is constructive and den marketing to it people that gives service to the public. Read more

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I recycled printer cartridges turning them into a local staples. When I made a purchase on line and wanted to claim the meager credit, I was told the latest twist is you must first purchase new cartridges minimal amount $50, then turn in old cartridges and then receive an award for your next staples purchase. Like who can remember that process. I saved the email that informed of this procedure and included a promise to credit with my next... Read more

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There is a Staples on 203 Towne Center Drive Compton Ca 90220. I Work In Mail order. So I do buy a lot of shipping supplies from staples specially shipping boxes. The mentioned staples above its racks for shipping boxes is always empty. In one week I had to go to that staples 3 times before they could bring boxes out for me. The first time I went rack was empty I asked one of the clerks if they had boxes available she went to check in the back... Read more

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Ordered a Samsung tablet in a store. Not available in store but if we ordered it in the store they promised us a next day delivery. The Staples delivery dept then told us that they could not deliver for 5 days. Tried to cancel since we will not be home to receive in the 5 days and they said they could not cancel the order? We will never never do business with them again. I will return the tablet and buy from a different company! This is... Read more

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I have not seen such a retarded, rude, irresponsible and unprofessional person like this person named Tiffany (I am assuming she is an assistant manager) at 403 bank street staples branch... I honestly do not understand why they find people like her or why such people would be hired in customer services or given any authority to speak rudely as she pleases or hang up the phone on customers in very urgent manners instead of trying to be helpful... Read more

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I have wasted literallt hours with staples customer service over 2 orders, one I wascharged for weekly for a month and never received, I used 90.00 in rewards and 10.96 in fees, NEVER for items for refund of rewards used, the other order was partially filled but I was charged 49.95 for the item instead of 39.95, they gave me a partial refund but will owe me 22.22, I used to rewards coupons and they only refunded me for 1, I should habe ben... Read more

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I dropped off my HP laptop for service in Branford and was told it was still under HP warranty. As an authorized HP partner they could facilitate the warranty and send it out for repair to them, I would not have to pay. That sounded great....Except the manager, a British man named Chris Abbott, NEVER sent my laptop out. I waited two weeks, and when I did not hear from them I went to the store. I was told my laptop was there by some kid, then... Read more

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This regards the Rochester NH store. I go in and browse at the computers which are on sale. After choosing a computer I verify the price is good. The store has none in stock. There is none of this particular model in the warehouse or in surrounding stores. Why advertise product if it's not available? The next time I go in I look at another computer. Again not in stock but available at the warehouse. The clerk writes up the order and does... Read more

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