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My experiences with Staples have been pretty disappointing. I've never once came out of one of their locations feeling satisfied. The products they sell at the stores are great, but somehow I think employee morale is way off. The way customers in the store are treated can only be called empty and soulless. When you enter the store, you are expected to hear and feel a warm greeting, but instead you are stared at intensely, with a bland atmosphere as a backdrop. The customer service at the cash register is warm feeling, but it is almost not... Read more

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Had packages for UPS and USPS, so thought I'd drop both off at Staples to save time. No problem with pre-printed UPS label, but took almost 15 minutes for USPS and it turned out Staples doesn't offer some of the cheaper USPS shipping options. They also made me enter my own data, which took forever as the clerk helping me was simultaneously helping four other customers and had to keep coming back to me as I had never used their system and had to stop on every page. The "cheapest" shipping option for a relatively light package was over $20! ... Read more

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Staples and UPS really sucks. I really needed to ship an item back to the manufacturer for repair, so I went to Staples because I could buy a box and ship at the same place. NEVER EVER AGAIN. From now on it is Post Office or FEDEX. The item only weighed 3.9 pounds, they nearly tripled it to 11lbs for shipping. they couldn't even pack it right. They fumbled around for packing items and had to cut the box down to do it. It only cost me about $6 in shipping from I only shipped it regular UPS ground and it still cost me nearly $28 to... Read more

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They promised us, to help us to set up the shopping list, give us special pricing, give us quotes, come to the office, etc. We had a problem and called and emailed our account manager, we called customer service and been promised somebody would call us back. I have been waiting for a response for more than 3 weeks, every time I email I don't get an answer. And if I call I been told they are sorry they can't help me with this matter, but somebody will call me back tomorrow. I'm still waiting another week has passed. I feel like after we signed... Read more

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Several months ago i purchased a five ream case of copy paper from Staples which had a promotional $20 rebate offer. The rebate was in the form of a $20 Staples Rewards prepaid VISA card which was usable at most retail stores. It took about two months to receive my rebate VISA card. I used it at a restaurant yesterday to pay part of my bill, only to be informed by the cashier that the balance on the card was $16.67 rather that $20. I looked closely at the card when I got home and found some small print on the front of the card which states... Read more

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Loved your review. Don't need a lot of attitude when I am trying to spend my hard earned cash. I don't know how many times I walked up with a product I wanted to purchase only to just have the clerk walk away to stock paper clips in the back. One clerk made me lift up a 10 pack of banker boxes $20, so he could scan it. I am a senior he was 25 and built like a wrestler. Oh yeah they improved their attitude during the last 10 days they were open. Too little too late snd really phoney. Hope they go bankrupt too. Lol Read more

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We have gone through way too many people to get our staples rewards card activated. They have no such name , no such number, no such phone numbers in the file, no e- address. This happens every time we shop at staples and has been happening for the last 3 years. Which begs the question, Why in the H### are we shopping at this store? The worse is their online customer service. No one will speak with you unless you have a valid staples card number and we are lost in their system. WE ( my husband and I) do not exist and they could care less!!! Read more

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Staples - Bait and Switch
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I keep getting Staples Ads on my Yahoo pages. They generally contain items I looked at on Staples. Last week I saw an ad for USB drives, 64 GB for $0 or $1. I clicked on the 99 cent USB drive and went directly to the Staples web site fom my Yahoo homepage. I landed on the exact item page, except the price was $19.99. I contacted Staples support, they claim innocence. They defer to the safety net of, "It is a 3rd party ad and we have no legal obligation to honor it". I then contacted he FTC and they said Bait and Switch is OK with them. I then... Read more

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My husband and I have been looking for a mileage book from staples for about 2 months. We would go in the store every week looking for the mileage book. Finally after 2 months we asked a sales person about it and she told us they get them in every week, but she could not hold one for us because they sell out as soon as they come in. She then told us that we could order one from inside the store. She was the only checkout person working at the time so she called for help from the copy area of the store. The lady from copy area told the register... Read more

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I received a $24 rebate card some time ago. I tried to use it for purchases unsuccessfully, and set it aside with the intention of checking online for a resolution. As things like this go, I forgot about it for some time. On checking today, I could find no balance information and tried to call the customer service number. It took me through the usual frustrating recorded prompts, and never gave me the option to speak to a human - Philipino or otherwise. It's obvious to me that your business model is to make rebate redemption so difficult that... Read more

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